BMW M3 CSL (E46)
BMW M3 CSL (E46)


Power: 360 BHP

Torque: 370 N.M


Acceleration: 0-62 in 4.9 s

Top Speed: 155 MPH (limited)

Coachwork / Hide

Silver Grey Metallic / Grey Alcantara with Anthracite Reflex cloth seat inserts

First Supplied by


Location of Manufacture

BMW AG - Regensburg Plant, Germany

Production Run 7/2003-12/2003

1400 Cars made. 224 M3 CSLs registered in the UK in 2015

Designed By

Ulf Weidhase (exterior) Martina Bachmann (interior)




3.2 Straight Six


6 Speed SMG II


High Octane Unleaded

Body Style



Naturally Aspirated

Vehicle Weight

1,385 KG

Vehicle Price


This project car has been subject to a meticulous money no object restoration using worldwide sourced genuine parts to ensure that in our view it is the definitive reference BMW M3 CSL

Review by Legendary Sports Cars

Only 422 right hand drive CSLs that were brought into the UK; 106 were Sapphire Black and 316 were Silver-Grey. Silver-Grey was the official launch colour for the CSL and it showed off the beautifully sculpted carbon fibre bodywork better, such as the front bumper, front splitters & rear diffuser and on balance, the visual impact was greater than that of the CSLs painted in Black, essentially making the launch colour more desirable.

In developing the M3 CSL, BMW M did not focus on the radical reduction of weight alone. On the contrary the task the designers 
and development engineers gave themselves was to create a car full of purist driving dynamics, a car absolutely pure in every respect, down to the very last component. And the result, finally, is unique, absolutely unmarred driving dynamics and a purist character - extract from the original, official 2003 BMW M3 CSL press release.

The M3 CSL manages to reduce weight by an amazing 110kg over the standard M3 coupe due to the following lightweight components:

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic was used on the following:

  • Front bumper assembly and air dam
  • Entire roof panel
  • Door panels and central interior panels
  • Rear diffuser over quad exhaust tailpipes
  • Engine induction system

Other Lightweight components used were:

  • Fibre Glass bucket seats trimmed in Alcantara (approx 1/3 of the weight of leather)
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Aluminum doors
  • Aluminum bonnet
  • Thinner walls on exhaust emission system
  • Sheet Moulding Compound for bootlid
  • Thinner boot floor material
  • Thinner rear window glass
  • Minimal sound deadening materials

The CSL was only available with the SMG paddle shift transmission and came with a minimalist Alcantara trimmed steering wheel. Spend 5 minutes behind the wheel of this car and hear the incredible orchestral shouting match between raspy barking exhaust and addictive induction noise and you will instantly get what all the fuss is about; it really does have a soul.

The CSL is truly special and the definition of the Ultimate Driving Machine. It is also an important part of BMW’s history.

The 110kg weight loss, lowered centre of gravity and lightly tuned engine that produces an uprated 360 bhp (the standard M3 had 343 bhp) along with a modified suspension setup, steering rack & extremely grippy bucket seats and essentially you have a car that most people wouldn’t believe is road legal, because it feels and sounds so much like a racing car.

The CSL strips away the fat most sports cars have and ignites something primal in everyone who drives one, and the button that reads “sport” should really read “extreme” as when pressed it really does transform the car from being quick and exciting and fairly loud, to very loud, totally unhinged and just about as raw as sports cars get. The acceleration is satisfyingly brutal and it is undoubtedly the best sounding naturally aspirated straight six engine in existence, the induction noise is heavenly.