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stock just in

20th November 2015

A fantastic & rare manual V8 414 bhp E90 M3 saloon from 2008, click current stock for a full run down.

project diablo

20th November 2015

We are currently carrying out a fastidious money no object restoration of a beautiful Black Lamborghini Diablo 6.0, a very special car that is being lovingly brought back to its former 2002 glory partly with the expertise of Denyer Classic Cars, with absolutely no stone being left unturned. The car is set to undergo a ‘perfection detail’ by Chris Evan’s personal and trusted detailer. (He also looks after and prepares cars for RM Auctions) New images will be uploaded when the car is complete. With this car we have a clear intention: to make it one of the finest examples of a 6.0 Diablo in existence.

project CSL

20th November 2015

This is a car that carries massive appeal to petrol heads the world over; the Legendary BMW M3 CSL. This car is also undergoing a money no object restoration with the clear intention to make it as factory fresh as possible, sourcing genuine parts direct from Germany. This will be a CSL that exudes attention to detail, for example even the original Michelin Slick Trye warning stickers have been renewed to the windscreen to give the car its authentic originality, as if its just left the factory. This car will also undergo a full ‘perfection detail’ in due course.